Living Your Dream

Date(s) - 12/08/2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presenter:  Joan Wilson-Jones

All too often people settle for mediocre or ‘good enough’. Maybe you want more out of life but don’t know how to do it. Many people are struggling with enormous difficulties and it’s easy to start to believe that life will never get better.

Joan is well known all over Australia for her enthusiasm, vitality and humour and her ability to inspire people with simple but such practical ideas. Her workshops have supported countless people to take action and build into their lives greater happiness, contentment and success (in whatever form that takes for you).

We will look at how thoughts can hold us back; Taking little steps towards big results; Developing resilience; Managing tough times; Dealing with challenging personalities; Handling hurt, anger or loss – Yes, let’s get really clear on those dreams and set your sights on a great and meaningful future.



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