Joan Wilson-Jones


Joan Wilson-Jones is a speaker of both national and international acclaim.

Joan’s work is drawn from a range of theories and ideologies ranging from the contemporary to the esoteric.  Mostly though her work is practical and proven to offer life-enhancing strategies and enriching motivation.

Described as an ‘infotainer’, Joan’s workshops blend a wealth of knowledge and experience with a natural talent for entertaining.

Participants describe her as wise, knowledgeable, witty and funny. People leave her workshops laughing but mostly they leave them co9mmitted to creating something better for themselves and those around them.

A recent comment made to Joan, by a participant at a chance meeting some weeks after a workshop sums up the value of Joan’s work:

“I was on your workshop a few weeks ago. I put your advice into action and my whole life has changed for the better. I am now enjoying my job, getting out and having fun and feeling wonderful. Everything has improved, thank you”. To see Joan’s presentations search