Wonderful Volunteers

People come to the Relaxation Centre for many, many reasons; some love and value their association with the Centre. Some come in search of answers, some to get over a loss, to assist with stress, anxiety, depression and some because of a personal issue which has them feeling isolated, alone or not needed yet they have much to offer and give. Volunteering can be so meaningful, it can be great for what we’re able to contribute to others and how it can enrich our own lives.

Volunteering has been a huge part of the Relaxation Centre since 1974 with nobody here receiving a normal salary. There are over 100 volunteers doing all that’s needed to allow this rare organisation to function, often seven days a week and some days from 9am to late in the evening. You choose the times you can volunteer here.

If you’d like to be a volunteer below are some dates you can come for a meeting, find out all you need to know – the meetings last for approximately 1 hour. It is valuable for you to register your intention to come before the session. Booking is essential in case of unexpected time change.

Volunteer Sessions will be held on the following days:

  • Wednesday 23 October, 2.00pm
  • Thursday 7 November, 5.30pm
  • Saturday 23 November, 12.45pm
  • Tuesday 3 December, 11.00amm