The Dark Night of the Soul

Date(s) - 23/02/2018
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presenter:  William Meader

The Dark Night of the Soul is an inescapable event when walking the spiritual path.

At various stages of our spiritual development, a sense of inner blindness will emerge. When strong, it leads to the feeling that God has abandoned us.

The wisdom and direction of the soul disappears, and we are forced to face the darkness of our life predicament without an inner light to show the way. Yet in truth, it is a darkness that emerges before the soul’s dawning hour. In this presentation, we will closely examine the Dark Night of the Soul experience.

In addition, we will consider how blindness is a prelude to greater light and the methods used to lift the “veils of illusion” that give rise to this blindness.



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