William Meader


William MeaderWilliam Meader

William has been visiting the Relaxation Centre since 2017 and participants love him for his depth of insight, knowledge and wisdom – people travel from great distances each year to hear him speak.

We feel most fortunate to have William with us again in 2024 and we are sure that you will find a great wealth of information in his presentations.

Events February 2024:
New Group of World Servers at the Dawning of the Aquarian Age

The Solar Angel – The Soul and its Divine Companion

An influential and respected teacher of the Esoteric Philosophy, William Meader has established an international reputation for his gift as a communicator of this philosophy. His extensive teaching program includes a diverse array of workshops and lectures devoted to nurturing a deeper understanding of the spiritual path, both from an individual and global perspective.

His work—often described as a ‘next step’ in spiritual evolution—assists students in the refinement of the higher abstract mind in order that they might align with the soul’s creative intention. William’s gentle humour, sensitivity and deep understanding of the spiritual path is appreciated by dedicated students of the Esoteric Philosophy—also known as the Ageless Wisdom—worldwide.

William has an Undergraduate Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. He presents regular workshops in the United States, Europe, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.