The Flaming Heart

Date(s) - 24/02/2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presenter:  William Meader

Love is the energy that governs the human soul and its expression. When the heart is filled with love, and wisdom governs its direction, one’s capacity to serve the larger whole increases greatly. Love is rooted in our ability to sense the oneness underlying all things. Yet, the heart is something that evolves over time, becoming more Christ-like as one nears enlightenment. The challenge is to rise above sentimentality and to realise that the heart’s highest expression is also the most impersonal.

In this workshop, we will closely examine the nature and evolution of love. Below are a few (but not all) of the specific themes to be presented and discussed:

  • The seven types of souls, and their unique relationship to love
  • The evolution of goodwill, and its transformation into the will-to-good
  • How desire masquerades as love
  • Problems that emerge due to the awakening of the heart
  • The marriage of fire (will) and love
  • Sex, and its relationship to love and mystical yearning.

FEE: $130.00. PLEASE BOOK with payment of full fee. – PLEASE BRING LUNCH TO SHARE.


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