Sleeping Well – Breaking the Insomnia Cycle

Date(s) - 25/02/2017
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Lionel October 2014 webPresenter:

Lionel Fifield

Sleep is so vital to healthy living and brightness of mind yet huge numbers of people struggle every night or depend on a range of tablets. So here is an invaluable session full of insights, ideas and practical techniques to get to sleep or back to sleep.

During Lionel’s many years of chronic insomnia he discovered so much by observing himself and exploring ways to deal with the repetitive patterns of either not getting to sleep or waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.

Lionel has been able to assist many people over the years to break the insomnia cycle and gain all the value of a good night’s sleep.



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