Managing Stress / Anxiety and Sleeping Hints

Date(s) - 22/10/2016
9:30 am - 1:00 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presented by Lionel Fifield (left) and Marney Perna (below)

Lionel October 2014 webStress and anxiety affect us in so many ways: from headaches to loss of energy, poor digestion, inability to sleep and lack of motivation, to being emotional, accident-prone and so much more.

Stress can cause pain, numbness and many other symptoms and we can imagine we have serious illnesses developing. In addition to this it is a basis for lack of concentration and focus, tensions in relationships and loss of humour.

Because of Lionel’s own years of chronic stress, anxiety and insomnia he is able to offer insights and techniques that can bring relief and benefits to your everyday life.marney-perna

Marney Perna joins Lionel today – she is author of Creating Calm Amidst Chaos. Marney recalls being so stressed, feeling ill and having no energy and realised she needed to be proactive and find answers. Marney brings many ideas today..

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Here are some comments from preious participants:

Thank you – it was very informative and helpful. Even if it was just a few hours that is more relaxation and self-awareness I have had in a long time.

It took me 20 years of knowing the Relaxation centre existed to finally book myself into this course. I feel a bit better already and using the teachings will hopefully help me gain greater improvements through time. The presenters were very good.

This session helped me to remember to listen to myself and just breathe. I learned a few new tips and very much enjoyed the experience.

I really enjoyed the breathing practice with a partner; something I’ll definitely be using in the middle of the night – lots of good information to take on board. I liked the idea of listing things out to see whether it’s true for me. Many thanks to Lionel and Tom

There was lots of good information on breathing and relaxation techniques in this session. I will go home and put into practice the information which was presented.

Today I learned a lot about breathing and relaxation. I will certainly put these to the test and try them. I have already applied a lot of the sleeping hints taught and found they definitely work e.g. notepad beside bed and being grateful as I lay in bed. I have gained a lot from the afternoon – thank you for sharing this wisdom and keeping the Centre going.


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