Healing Touch

Date(s) - 08/12/2018
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presented by:  Robert Vicary

Here is a very self-empowering morning. Most of us have been taught to look to other people to give us what we need and not to recognise what we can do for ourselves.

Robert Vicary, is a masseur, with a fascination with the connectedness of our bodies, the effect of one area on another and the remarkable possibilities that exist for all of us who seek answers.

Today he will show you a range of self-massaging techniques so we can give ourselves free treatments whenever we wish. Come and really enjoy the power of your touch.


Here are some comments from participants at Robert’s previous presentation:

A really important course and brilliantly presented – great information in handouts, especially the many visuals.

Added to my already held beliefs/experiences, this work has expanded my knowledge enormously – thank you so much Robert.

This session could be longer, even a weekender – I’d be there!

Robert’s delivery was especially pleasing, as he’s passionate about the work, and obviously loves sharing for everyone’s benefit and learning, how to use this information/work. It will be an excellent addition to my daily routines.

What a wonderful, inspirational, practical session – Thank you Robert. I wish we had all this information decades ago! Today is a turning point in my life. Robert is full of knowledge, enthusiasm, empathy and intuition… and a FUN sense of humour.

Brilliant, easy to understand. Robert, thank you for the presentation. I will do it again next session.

Really informative and I really loved how interactive it was. I feel so much more balanced and Zen now. I’ve learned so much.

Robert is a great presenter – so informative, lots of practical application. A wonderful course – full of useful techniques and energy.


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