Film: Creating Miracles – Real Magic

Date(s) - 22/06/2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


When Dr. Wayne W. Dyer speaks about the world of real magic and miracles, he is not talking about turning lead into gold or parting ocean water. In Real Magic Dyer teaches that miracles can be whatever we would normally consider beyond our ability because of perceived limitations. Real magic can be quitting smoking once and for all, achieving new job success, or finding a happy relationship.

Step by step Dr. Wayne W. Dyer shows how to achieve a new and higher level of consciousness. Dyer asks each of us to imagine what would make us happy – a powerful idea in itself – and then offers specific strategies for working miracles in everyday life: physical health, financial outlook, intimate relationships, and personal identity. Dyer also discusses how to create real magic on a global level – how we can all have an impact on such over-whelming problems as crime, drugs, hunger, and poverty.

With personal anecdotes and true stories of miraculous change and healing, Dyer shows that magic doesn’t have to be an illusion – magic is within the reach of all of us.

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