The Soul and Its Creative Destiny

Date(s) - 05/03/2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Presenter: William Meader

Every human soul has a creative destiny. In this workshop we will discover why this is so, William Meaderand how to more effectively manifest it in our lives. This will involve a deep and profound look at the steps to be followed in the ancient art of spiritual magic—the creative process of the soul.

In addition, we will learn about the seven types of souls and what each is destined to express in support of humanity’s betterment. This workshop is highly interactive, and is designed to help people more easily recognize and express the soul in their personal lives. . Below are a few (but not all) of the specific themes to be presented and discussed:

  • Understand the nature of the soul and how it subtly influences daily life
  • Practical methods and techniques for recognizing the soul and its destiny
  • Learn how the personality can hinder the soul, and the means to overcome this
  • Discover how the soul uses the power of intuition to build creative thoughts
  • The ancient steps of spiritual magic (creativity) and how to apply them

FEE:  $130. PLEASE BOOK with payment of full fee.
Bring lunch to share.

See also William’s presentations The Cry of Humanity Thursday 2 March 2017 and Practical Mysticism Saturday 4 March 2017.


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