A Workshop Series to Improve Intimate Areas of Communication

Date(s) - 22/11/2022
6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Relaxatin Centre of Queensland


Presenter: Dr Peter Howie

This workshop series is designed for individuals and couples who would like to improve their communication, particularly about the intimate areas of their lives. These areas can be very difficult to access easily, and many people become tongue tied, embarrassed, or defensive when the subject is raised. You are welcome to come to all the evenings as they will build on each other. You are also welcome to attend one or more of the single evenings as your fancy takes you. Each session will include readings or exercises or both.


Tuesday 22 November 2022 – Why Is It Just So Difficult To Talk About The Stuff That Goes On In The Bedroom?

Using a playful and enjoyable approach, Dr Peter will look at the deeply entrenched and widespread cultural values, moral stories, assumptions, and default dilemmas we all end up in. We will consider the prickly and sensitive area of sexual communication, an area of communication only recently considered worthy of serious research and discussion. We will distinguish sexual communication from regular interpersonal communication between individuals and couples.


Tuesday 29 November 2022 – Why Words Matter: If We Cannot Talk About It, We Cannot Do Anything to Change The Situation.

Using playfulness and group processes and exercises, Dr Peter will invite us to know more about what we don’t already know but should. Where sex education failed us at school and we are unlikely to learn all by ourselves. We will have a romp through the forest of terms both Lating and slang, the euphemisms and diverting words that do nothing except avoid discomfort. Using language to talk about the real deal, will greatly empower participants to think, talk, and act in the area of sex and sexual communication with greater confidence.


Tuesday 6 December 2022 – What We Know and Don’t Know About What We Want and Don’t Want: Exploring Consent and Obligation

With gentleness and playfulness, Dr Peter will work with us through a model of communication, Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, specifically designed to help us to ask for things we want, say ‘No’ to things we don’t want, and ‘Ýes’to things we do want. This is a very important step on the road to feeling autonomy and agency, self-reliance and freedom, to get our pleasure needs met in ways that work for us not just everyone else.


Tuesday 13 December 2022 – The Most Difficult Task: Asking For What We Actually Want While Dealing With Our Fears and Shame and The Opinions of Others

In this workshop Dr Peter will have us all exploring what it means to ask for what we want and why we will or will never do that. It will mean looking playfully at where we hold ourselves back, where we gave up on our hopes and dreams, or where learned the ‘shoulds, musts, and oughts’ or expectations of how we are meant to act towards pleasure and erotic play if we are to be considered good people.


Fee: $130 (All 4 Sessions) or $40 (Individual Session). PLEASE BOOK


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