Robina Courtin

Robina Courtin isRobina Courtin_colour_2007 one of the most popular Buddhist teachers in the western world today. Robina is known for her remarkable energy, humour, directness, honesty and clarity.

Robina talks freely of her quest to find a sense of inner freedom and happiness, and during her feverish quest she searched for it in drugs, alcohol, sex, and anything else that seemed to turn people on – then one day she met a wise Buddhist teacher and she knew immediately she had found what she’d sought all her life – a path to peace, happiness and knowing her true self.

This background has made Robina so fully alive, compassionate and understanding and able to assist, encourage and understand others whatever their challenges, including thousands of men and women in jails. We love Robina’s visits to the Relaxation Centre.

See Tuesday 10 May 2016 – Be Your Own Therapist and
on Friday 13 May 2016 –  Courageous Compassion