Tom Wixted

Tom Wixted has a rich background in working with and teaching young people.

He was a classroom teacher for 15 years, and Outward Bound instructor, and involved in outdoor education for another 10 years. He also has a Black Belt in Aikido.

Tom has a lifetime connection with Scouts and in the past 10 or so years he has been teaching the principles of Rock and Water. He saw whilst training with other adults the profound influence these teachings had on them, and he realised that this was bringing kids benefits for their whole lives.

Tom says of Rock and Water: It’s a physical way of grounding so we can feel in charge of Tom Wixted_colour 2007ourselves and not be quickly be taken off track by others i.e. it’s teaching us to choose our responses instead of going quickly into old reactions.

Tom is the father of four kids and is deeply committed to helping young people and others feel more personally empowered.

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