Rosie Stave

Rosie StaveRosie Stave is a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie in Australia – often referred to simply as “The Work of Byron Katie”.

She has introduced individuals and groups in this wonderful and liberating process since 1996. The freedom it has created in Rosie’s life, and the lives of others, fuels her continued passion for this gift and her sharing of it. Come join her in discovering your own wisdom, clarity and truth. Come and share in the experience of learning to ‘Love What Is’ and the insights and freedom it can give you.

Comments from participants:

Fantastic information, great insights, positive energy! I enjoyed the information and the sharing with other participants – it was life changing.

Thank you Rosie, this is truly life-changing and empowering. I am excited to keep doing The Work to bring about lasting change in my life. Your guidance has been so appreciated.

This is a highly valuable and profound seminar – well worth it. For anyone serious in change, do this work with Rosie.

A wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in The Work of Byron Katie with such an amazing facilitator. Rosie’s love and experience created a truly safe and sacred space to support self-exploration and gain a deeper awareness of how to ‘do’ the work. What a gift – I am grateful to have been here today – it has crystalised the work deeper into my being as a way forward to truth.

Wow, so much in such a small amount of time. Thank you Rosie for contributing to my life, I will definitely be back for a full day in the future.

Absolutely amazing course, giving me the tools to take with me, so I can free myself. Will definitely be back for some more. Thank you.