Rod and Megan Middleton

Megan and Rod Middleton have been involved in life searching teachings, including all aspects of which are incorporated in the teachings of the late Dr George King, a Western Master of Yoga. These teachings bring about a heightened level of Psychic awareness and our workshop on “Dowsing for Answers” also triggers both intuition & psychic development.

To help develop one’s dowsing technique, it can be beneficial to follow practises of Yoga breathing & the chanting of mantra. When skills have been developed, dowsing can be used in revealing answers to unanswered questions, finding lost objects and exploring what foods can be helpful – along with many other possibilities. Both Rod and Megan have some amazing Dowsing success stories to share in this workshop. Rod and Megan also present Are You Stuck in A Rut? You can search their presentations on this website.