Paula Wilson

Paula says of herself: Learning to live my potential and bring benefit to others is what gives me purpose. By building skills to express my true nature, increase resilience, and step up with confidence, it has prepared me for helping those of you who also choose this path of growth. I love to put my skills and knowledge to good use and facilitating Workplace Resilience and Awaken Your Natural Confidence workshops enables this. For some of you, I realise it’s important to have an awareness of a presenter’s professional background. Here is a snapshot of my formal qualifications and professional experience:

  • Commerce degree;
  • Education Masters
  • Education Kinesiologist
  • Brain Gym® Instructor
  • Workforce strategist, planner and capability developer.

I started teaching courses in confidence building and resilience in 1994. This is my eleventh year at the Relaxation Centre.

Comments from participants –

I am happy I came today and I am walking away feeling like I have the tools I need to make some changes in regards to building my confidence and therefore working towards being happier, opening doors to new experiences and creating a better life for myself. I really enjoyed Paula’s gentle style of teaching.

Really helped me to understand myself – lots of great advice and exercises and I felt my contribution was valued.

I learnt so much about the exercises that achieve a healthy physical, emotional state. A lovely way to self-care and empowerment. The course was really clear in showing me new ways to achieve the results that make my self-esteem reach a higher level.

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