Nikki Ward

In her formative years, Nikki played with indigenous children in their tribal areas in Africa. In her travels, she has come to realise the connection between community emanates from the power of story and physical touch. In more recent years, she has studies psychology, writing and the healing arts. She has developed a deep interest in assisting others towards a realisation and awareness as a form of connection, communication and healing through the use of narrative and Kahuna massage.Nikki Ward_1_2010

Nikki’s journey into the healing arts began in 2005 after her soul mate partner died unexpectedly. Coupled with the earlier loss of her mother to breast cancer, Nikki found that depression and anxiety were her companions for around 7 years, experiencing debilitating panic attacks to the point of mild agoraphobia.

Her attention and focus turned to mind/body medicine. Her struggles became her passion; to find healing, and more importantly how to cope with what life throws at us.

Nikki is well known for her fun techniques that allow participants to unblock their creativity and explore their writing talents and freedom of expression while also able to be the catalyst people need to further their journey into the self and find their own worth.

Nikki studied Kahuna Massage with Mette Sorrenson of High Spirits Retreat in 2007. She has an Associate Degree in Creative Writing 2009 and a BA Degree (Psychology) 2013.