Nicki McCosker-Dell

Nicki McCosker-Dell is a registered Counsellor and Mentor, and has been creating workshops for over five years. She has a fascination for the possibilities and potential of what humans individually and collectively can create. Nicki loves to support people in creating positive change – especially change that serves both humans and our planet, that helps to nurture and support communities, and brings forth innovative and new ways of doing things. She loves that creating positive change helps us to simultaneously, naturally tap into our greater potential.

Nicki helps people to gain deeper access into their own inner guidance and wisdom, and her calm soft approach helps to bring others out of stress and into greater clarity. She has studied broadly, and draws from much lived-experience of digging deep to find inner resources. She comes from a space of deep compassion and empathy.

Nicki is based in Brisbane where she lives with her beautiful family – her husband and young son.