Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn 2014Michael Dunn has a wealth of personal experience in Yoga. He commenced practising it when he was 24 (over 40 years ago) and as Yoga at that time was in its infancy in Australia he went to dozens of towns to demonstrate what Yoga was and to give people an experience of it – he helped to set up Yoga Centres and conduct the programmes and classes. Some of these meetings brought out over 100 people keen to hear.

Also 35 years ago he led his first Cancer Support Group and has been doing so ever since. Through these groups he has worked with thousands of people, often recently diagnosed – going through treatments or wanting to find natural ways of overcoming their health crisis.

Numerous people look back on their time with Michael as being times of exploration, discovery, support, encouragement and much more. Some speak with such enthusiasm about those times of assisting them and opening them to a range of possibilities.

Michael has of course gained many insights into the human body – he had many years of association with The Gawler Foundation (support services for cancer and chronic illnesses) and through experience and training with many people learned so much throughout his life about meditation, relaxation and accessing that inner power.

He conducted his own School and Retreat Centre in Adelaide for 10 years before coming to Brisbane. One of the key practices been found to be so successful in the west is Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique, which Michael includes in all his classes.

The Gentle Yoga and Relaxation class has proved to be very popular as it enables beginners and those who are recovering from ill health to go carefully but still experience the deep relaxation and stress release that Yoga offers.

People love his relaxation sessions – his very calming voice and the understanding and focus he gives to each individual.