Malcolm Huxter

Malcolm Huxter is an Australian clinical psychologist. He has been teaching mindfulness and related practices such as loving kindness and compassion to clinical populations, clinicians and the general pubic for over 25 years.

Mal originally learnt these practices as a Buddhist monk in Thailand in the late 1970’s. He Malcolm Huxterpracticed as a shiatsu therapist for 10 years until he gained psychology qualifications in 1991. As a psychologist Mal has worked in a variety of settings in rural and remote Australia as well as in the UK..

Mal has written several mindfulness-based workbooks, published in psychology journals and magazines and had a book called “Healing the heart and mind with mindfulness. Ancient path, present moment” released in February 2016.   He is a loving partner, proud dad of three adult sons and a doting granddad. He currently lives and practices in Lismore NSW, where he likes to meditate, surf when he can and aspires to learn to play guitar.

See Mal’s presentations Friday 10 June and Weekend 11/12 June.