Julia Ashfield

Julia has had an interest in feng shui for over two decades. Through living in various houses with family and beyond, she developed an understanding of how different home environments can have different energy effects for occupants. These effects can be subtle and not often attributed to the home environment.

With a sense of energy benefits of a place and an interest in aesthetics, nature and healthy home environments, Julia’s curiosity led her to study the holistic practice of modern feng shui.

In modern society sometimes it seems not much consideration and mindfulness are given to home and dwelling construction and design, especially with increasing development and technology in the home. Long ago, more contemplation and consideration were given.

Julia loves helping people live in a more empowered space in themselves and at home. To help benefit the occupants, modern feng shui can involve the form, compass and flying star methods, essential healthy home or building biology qualities, geobiology of the environment and sacred space creation.

As writer and poet, Kahlil Gibran said, “Your house is your larger body”.