Ian Ratcliffe

Ian Ratcliffe_colourIan Ratcliffe describes himself as a man who until 9 years ago lived life addicted to alcohol. He sought and gained help in many areas. Each gave him something but only when he realised he had to do the work on himself did he start progressing to the end of his addiction.

Many participants have commented on the value of what Ian has offered and some have told us how the benefits have continued for them.

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Here are some of the comments we’ve received:

An excellent course presented with integrity. I felt Ian’s story was very credible and given from the heart.

Thank you Ian, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop today. I found many of your strategies helpful for giving up my addiction. I appreciated your honest and frank approach.

Ian has a very inspiring, genuine approach to look at ourselves and in a unique way. Thank you Ian.

I found Ian’s course very insightful, very honest and very positive.

I really enjoyed listening to Ian. I believe he could help a lot of people struggling with addiction.

Ian don’t stop running this course. There is definitely a place for the session. Thank you.