Film: Prostate Empowerment

Date(s) - 26/04/2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Relaxation Centre of Queensland


Graeme Sait discusses the Keys to Prostate Health. Prostate cancer is a major killer of men. Discover why this gland malfunctions and deteriorates so readily and learn the strategies to overcome these weaknesses.

Prostate Cancer is set to become the largest killer of men, while prostate problems of some kind affect the majority of men over 50. Men rarely discuss their health issues and this reticence appears linked to the substandard education and misinformation which has become a stark feature of prostate health management.

Graeme will discuss why this gland malfunctions and deteriorates so readily and offer strategies to overcome these weaknesses.

This fascinating presentation is not just for men! Everyone has a father, lover or brother. Everyone is directly or indirectly affected by this plague and this insightful presentation will clarify the issues, highlight the best options, and generate a sense of empowerment to avoid future problems or to address those which may affect you or someone close to you.Graeme poses a series of questions and a range of solutions including :

  • Why do 95% of us go to our graves with a compromised prostate (even if it didn’t put us there)?
  • Why do we meekly suffer the associated urinary disruption and sexual malfunction with barely a whimper of discontent?
  • Why has the health and longevity of this little sex gland deteriorated so dramatically during the past ten decades?
  • What is the recipe to successfully reclaim responsibility for the health of the prostate and to reduce our reliance upon pharmaceuticals and intrusive medical procedures?
  • Discover the seven root causes of prostate problems and strategies to address them.
  • Learn about links between masturbation and prostate health.
  • Find out why hormone balance is integral to a problem-free prostate.
  • Realise the often unrecognised Candida link to prostate infection.
  • Discover how prostate massage can be both healing and very pleasurable.
  • Recognise the powerhouse link between toxicity and prostate problems

Author/Educator, Graeme Sait is the co-founder of Queensland company Nutri-Tech Solutions, a recognised world-leader in sustainable agriculture/horticulture. He is a sought-after, keynote speaker at conferences around the world and he is the founder of Radiance, a 6-day Wellness Festival that attracts crowds in excess of 12,000 at the annual Woodford Festival in Queensland.

Graeme is also the author of an internationally acclaimed book, “Nutrition Rules!,” and has multiple DVD publications. He is a prolific writer with hundreds of published articles to his credit and he is a popular columnist for several publications. His communication skills are most evident during his passionate, charismatic presentations which are often described as “life-changing.

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