Wendy Smith

wendy-smithWendy Smith has been a student of astrology for 23 years, and has presented courses at the Relaxation Centre from 2012. Wendy not only shares her obvious passion for understanding planetary energy but does so with so much fun and joy. She ignited a lot of interest in others who have continued on with their fascination and research ever since.

As a young newspaper reporter interested only in “the facts” – Wendy’s interest in astrology was sparked by a very practical policeman who told her that he hated working around the full moon because that was when police were killed or injured attending violent situations. This made her very curious as to why and how the stages of the moon could affect people so differently. So began many years of observing, asking why, finding answers, growing ever-more interested and, of course, being in awe at our connections with the planets and energies that go to make us who we are.

A workshop with Wendy Smith is memorable.