Sally Rostas

Sally Rostas is a cliSally Rostasnical psychologist who has always had a curiosity and interest in what shapes a person throughout their life. Following her undergraduate studies in western psychology, Sally then undertook further studies in India, practising and studying yoga and yoga psychology daily. This once in a lifetime experience was life-changing. An extended period of time immersed in the culture of such an amazing vibrant country, and the intense experience of studying and practising yoga daily, exposed her to ancient philosophies focused on living in harmony with yourself and the world. This expanded view of the world directed Sally to a more integrative and holistic approach towards mental health that encompasses all aspects of the individual and their experience of the world.

Sally has worked in a variety of clinical roles across both the public and private health sectors, in hospital settings and the department of communities. She has always maintained an involvement in private practice working with a diverse range of clients.

Sally together with her husband James present Yoga sessions each month. For dates click and search Yoga for Self-Empowerment, Motivation and Purpose.