Rob Foster

Rob is a qualified therapist, successful businessman and dedicated student of life. He has 35 years’ experience in assisting others to transform their lives. Rob decided to pursue his own insatiable desire to learn and grow as fully as he can from 28 years of age. This freedom eventually led him to the discovery of purpose and meaning in his own life and he now shares his discoveries and offers a road map to others so they do not have to suffer or struggle unnecessarily.

He teaches and coaches worldwide. He is a husband, father and friend to many. His intention is to remind all individuals every human is capable of living a life filled with love, wealth, happiness, peace, passion and purpose. He believes that we’re all happiest and most fulfilled when our essential purpose includes benefiting others.

Rob loves supporting individuals, organisations, businesses and training institutes towards realising their infinite potential for the benefit of all. He credits much of his success to a life long dedication to learning, his meditation practice, working to benefit others and a little luck along the way. His teachings are non-denominational and offer support and clarity to all who come to his sessions.