Nicole Kinnaird and Andrew Lindsay

Join psychotherapists Nicole Kinnaird and Andrew Lindsay for this workshop which will explore themes of Connection/Disconnection; Belonging – in relation to Ancestry and Land; and Identity and Wellbeing as linked to purpose and meaning.

Family Constellations is a therapeutic modality which explores hidden, less conscious burdens we may be carrying; or strengths and resources we may have missed out on receiving, from our Ancestral line. By bringing new awareness to these connections or disconnections, we can move forward into our future in new ways.

Together, Nicole and Andrew have over 50 years of working therapeutically with people of all ages. Both are 7th generation Anglo Australians, their lineage hails from England, Ireland, Scotland and Europe. Together as a couple for 15 years and raising two daughters, Nicole and Andrew now enter into a new and exciting collaboration to offer this workshop. They combine their skills, energies, passion, intention and interests to create and hold a safe, relaxed, yet powerfully transformative and healing space.

Their extensive training in mainstream psychological theories, Process Oriented Psychology (an experiential model influenced by Jungian Psychology, Taoist philosophy, Quantum Physics and ancient healing traditions), body based healing modalities, and Family Constellation work supports and informs their work.