Lynette Lancini

Lynette Lancini is a certified Wholebody Focusing professional and artist in the fields of music, Lynette Lancini_2movement and wellbeing.

Lynette says, “Focusing is a skill set that makes being alive richer and more interesting. As a composer and creative musician, Wholebody Focusing unfolds a way for me to integrate my work as an artist with my passion for community facilitation.”

Wholebody Focusing is an experiential BodyMind practise which reconnects us to the vitality and intelligence of the conscious living body. Within each of us is an inner knowing of the right life-forward direction toward healing and fulfilment. Wholebody Focusing is a natural process that invites the power of bodily consciousness to awaken this inner knowing of the whole living body inter-connected to the living body of the environment.

Through purposeful inner directed movements of the body’s own making, fresh life energies are activated in our body and being that have been blocked or stopped because of habitual response patterns (patterns of movement, structure, posture, and ways of being) related to trauma, challenging life events, or chronic stress.

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