Daisy Bradford

Daisy says she came to tie dyeing through a workshop facilitated by master dyeing instructor Jeffrey Service, at Mt Tamborine, in year of 1995.  Within a week of this experience she began Rainbow Spiral Dyeing after purchasing a Tie Dye Kit.

Daisy’s passion for Rainbow Spiral comes from a love of colour that she says she was born with, remembering always her first pack of coloured pencils at age 5 and how the package had a cut out on the front revealing the pencils lined in a rainbow – and inside the opened lid was a line of rainbow dots imprinted from the sharpened pencil tips and how she loved the rainbow effect.

Also her passion comes from a belief that we all, children and adults, are drawn to rainbows and that when applying colour to an item in a rainbow formation there is a therapeutic effect received.

Come and enjoy the fun of tie dyeing with Daisy and enjoy the benefits of creativity – the fun and relaxation that comes with it.