Important changes

Re-Opening again on Mondays in June 2021

From Monday 7 June 2021 we will again be opening the Relaxation Centre for whatever hours
are advertised in our Programme. We will always open at 9.00am. We expect to show more
courses for Mondays in the June/July Programme.

As we feel our way and follow government guidelines please note the following:

  1. We will have bottles of sanitiser available on Reception and numerous places around the Centre.
  2. We will be observing the distancing guidelines very carefully.
  3. We are controlling numbers of participants entering each room according to type of course.
  4. We request all people to book the course they wish to participate in, in advance giving us their name and telephone number.
  5. If possible, we would appreciate payment when you book. This will make Registration simpler and prevent undue holdups and closeness of other participants when registering.
  6. In the past we have always provided teas/coffees/biscuits/water etc But, for the time being please bring your own cup and refreshments, including water.
  7. Bring your own yoga mats as needed – we will not be supplying them.
  8. Bring your own pens and paper for notes.
  9. Inevitably some courses need to schedule smaller numbers than in the past.

Email change of address

After many years of our email being
we now have a new address – Both will be usable for the
next 12 months – then the powerup address will fade out of use.