Pan Vera

Enthusiastic and empathetic in spirit, Pan is an expert facilitator with the ability to help you get to the core of your communication issues. Establishing a tone of respect and care, he opens his workshops  to the unique, healing dynamics that arise spontaneously in the presence of heartfelt exchanges.

Pan begins your work together with a special exercise or reading designed to offer comfort and support. Feeling calm, grounded, and safe, you are encouraged to speak about the difficulties you experience when communicating with friends, co-workers, and loved ones. Listening without judgment or criticism, Pan then helps you understand your unique communication needs and the barriers to their fulfilment. As you gain clarity, you learn a new set of tools designed to prevent conflict and disconnection while allowing you to explore the depths of your own compassion.

With Pan’s help, you are able to see that feelings – your own, and those of the people you love – are true gifts, ones with the potential to make every relationship infinitely richer.