James Rostas

James has been practicing yoga for over 30 James Rostasyears. The yoga tradition James teaches is the branch of yoga called Raja Yoga. This form of yoga practice consists of ‘Eight Limbs’ that work together through the application of self-discipline, self-observation and the process of personal surrender. Raja Yoga is based on an ancient and practical approach to daily living that values cultivating a well balanced and purposeful direction that affirms our being in the world. This the Yoga of contemplation, which may precipitate the establishment of a sense of inner freedom and presence for those committed to apply its principles.

By Yoga, Yoga must be known;
Through Yoga, Yoga advances;
Who cares for Yoga,
in Yoga rests forever.

Feedback from participants:

What a wonderful session. James took us to levels we thought we were unable to achieve, without being pushed. I am looking forward to experiencing more sessions with James.

James is brilliant, with both the instruction during the course, plus his knowledge of the topic and what he is able to pass on to the course attendees.

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