Briar Willard & Luigi Pameijer

Briar Willard  (left) and Luig Pameijeri  (right)

Briar  and Luigi  are the developers of this new, exciting game – Oodles of Utils – The Game of Choice and Trade-Offs. They searched the internet in vain for a game that has a variety of points to strive for besides money and was also both collaborative and competitive.  That is why they began the very long project of developing a game about ‘life’ that had a blend of competitiveness and cooperation.

Briar loves having fun with friends and family playing all kinds of social games, especially table top games. She is also really passionate about peace, social justice and raising the next generation of children to be compassionate, open minded and holding a burning desire to preserve our fragile and beautiful planet.

She believes that we all learn best through fun, great communication and laughter. Oodles teaches players, in a subtle way, without having to lecture anyone about ‘the right’ priorities and can be both enjoyable and memorable.  It’s engaging and strategic and creates a friendly competitive atmosphere.

Briar is a psychotherapist committed to helping people to de-stress and improve their personal and professional relationships and in so doing experience more harmony and balance in their lives. She use a variety of healing modalities to help clients to achieve this end. Briar grew up in Geneva Switzerland, loves the outdoors, travel and loves to cook and to eat great food. She also enjoys gardening,


Luigi, is passionate about family, communications, having fun and enjoying good company. He’s one of those people who like to get things done and works hard behind the scenes to make things happen.

Oodles of Utils is a game that is timely because the world could really use such a game at this time in history.

Professionally Luigi enjoys helping people who want to make major changes in their lives by eliminating their bad habits and regaining control.  For more than 20 years he has been as a professional teacher, psychotherapist and breakthrough coach.

Luigi grew up on a farm in rural Queensland Australia. He’s lived in four countries, and loves to travel and work alongside people from different cultures, traditions and beliefs. He is an avid amateur photographer and gardener and enjoys spending time with friends over food, or collaborating on projects and having fun playing games.