Outstanding Speakers and Authors

For those of you who love to attend Compassionate Communication (NVC) workshops we are pleased to announce that Cate Crombie is Joined by Pan Vera from US to present a special weekend Connecting With Compassionate Communication (NVC Workshop) on 29/30 April. Cate and Pan will blend male and female perspectives to guide you on a highly experiential excursion into understanding others and being understood, like never before. Beginners and experienced participants will be inspired.

On Thursday 1 June Cate Crombie presents her Introductory evening, Insights and Overview of Compassionate Communication – and her weekend workshop Compassionate Communication (NVC Workshop)  will follow on the weekend of 10/11 June.

David Burke presentsthe  All Day Enneagram Showcase on Saturday 5 June. Here is a whole dy workshop that enables participants to learn the theory of The Ennegram and also these sessions offer the opportunity to observe each of the 9 personality types consecutively within one single day.

He will also offer his 3-week sessions The Enneagram – Understanding Yourself & Others, commencing on Thursday 20 July



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